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Margo helps to reduce food waste at their local community fridge


South East England

I’ve been helping out at the Mid Surrey Community Fridge project for just under three years. The project was created in 2017 to help communities use food that would’ve gone to waste. When I first joined my job was collecting surplus food from the local supermarkets, but I am now a manager at a Mid Surrey community fridge project that has just opened on my estate.

We moved to a new area, I had just given birth to my third child and decided I wanted to meet people, help my local community and do something for myself. When my friend asked me to collect food for her from the community fridge, I became curious and wanted to find out more about the project.

A few visits later and after a chat with the CEO, I got involved. I spend about 10 hours a week helping. You do it because you enjoy it, it’s a huge pleasure. During lockdown our role has been crucial, delivering food parcels to vulnerable members of the community. I’m proud when we receive thank you letters, and pictures of the meals people have made. The food would’ve gone in the bin if it wasn’t for us.

To anyone who wants to help out I say just do it, get involved, so many great people who are wanting to make a change…. but they need people. It is very rewarding.