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Conall organises online activities and videos to help autistic children and young people


South Ayrshire, Scotland

I’ve been helping out with South Ayrshire Autistic Society for four years, since I was 15. I’m studying Dental Nursing at college and help autistic children and young people in my free time.

I help out as an Activity Co-ordinator. I makes short videos' for their online service 'CyberSaasy' where I show people how to complete crafts and experiments, as well as cooking and baking. I also call the online Bingo and popular online quizzes and helped to deliver boxes of essential during lockdown, things like food, toiletries, cooking and craft supplies.

Over the last few years I’ve been developing my skills through volunteering and I now work with autistic children and young people to create sessions and activities to suit their individual needs.

The thing I love about volunteering is that it lets me engage with people that I might not normally engage with. If you are thinking about volunteering, find something that your passionate about it or something that interests you and just go for it!