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Bene-Briggs entertains and educates her community by presenting on a community radio


Glasgow, Scotland

I love community radio and have been helping out at Jambo Radio since March. I regularly present BB’s African News Magazine Show, where I chat to special guests, present music and focus on good news ‘spotlight’ stories.

I joined Jambo Radio because I am extremely passionate about my community and my roots. I am also very passionate about Scotland. Having the opportunity to celebrate both Scotland and Africa with my community is very special.

Each week we highlight people both young and old doing absolutely incredible things within their communities. What they all have in common is that they saw a need, decided to do something about it and did!

My proudest moments so far have been every segment I do on African history and sharing that with the listeners. Doing research and talking about the incredible souls both past and present that form the fabric of our rich history has been very rewarding.

I love using my voice to entertain, educate, update and regale the listeners. I get to show my personality, using it to make people smile at a time when so many feel lonely and worried about the future.