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Ayesha delivers food and essentials to help her neighbours


Bury, England

I’ve been helping out in my community in Bury for many years doing lots of different things, everything from Citizens Advice to helping people who live close by with their food shopping. Earlier this year, when I saw how people were struggling due to coronavirus, I set-up Fusion Food through Bury Asian Women’s Centre.

I can’t bear to see people suffering or vulnerable people taken advantage of, so I do what I can to help out in the local community and make sure people are getting the support they need. When the pandemic first began, I started delivering food parcels for the local council to those in need. When I was visiting people, dropping off food and checking in to see if they’re ok, I could see that some people weren’t eating the food supplied.

From chatting to people, I found out that it was because the food was not culturally appropriate. For example, some families only eat halal meat and the only meat supplied was not halal. Plus, English is not always a first language, so it can be tricky to read the ingredients on some foods. It meant families were going hungry, which led me to start Food Fusion with a grant from The National Lottery Community Fund. Each food parcel we deliver caters for the needs of families and means everyone is getting a healthy, hearty meal supplied.

When I see smiles on people’s faces it means everything to me. Everyone has the power to make a difference. Small moments of kindness can have a huge lasting impact on people’s lives.