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Shirlee chats to people over the phone about bygone days


Craigavon, Northern Ireland

I help out at the Omagh B-friend Hub. To begin with I was a home befriender, but when coronavirus hit, I became a telephone befriender, calling around 10-15 people every week. It’s perfect for me because I love to chat!

I talk to people, checking in to see if they’re ok. I listen to stories from bygone days, we chat about the news, what their interests are, what their concerns are, and how the rest of their day may pan out. For some people I’m explaining current COVID-19 restrictions, where they can get food locally, how to access the doctor's surgery or get their medication delivered, that kind of thing. During lockdown I was helping out for six hours a week, but now it’s three. 

Even as little as three hours a week can mean a lot and you get a lot more out of it than you put into it. It cheers people up but helps me feel better too. I would definitely recommend giving a few hours a week to your community. 

Sometimes what you talk about on a call can be heart breaking, but a lot of the time it’s heart-warming and funny and you know your call has lifted someone up for another day.