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16 year old Kevin has given more than 1,000 hours to help his community this year!


Leeds, England

I’m 16 and I’ve been helping out for CATCH, a youth centre in Leeds, since I was 11. I’m currently at college studying Sports Coaching, but volunteer whenever I have spare time. I logged over 1,000 hours between April and September, during the pandemic!

Ash, who set up the youth centre, came and gave a presentation about CATCH at my school when I was 11. It sounded really interesting so I went along one day and have been coming ever since.

I really like sports so I set up a multi-sports activity for some of the younger members after school. During the pandemic we had to make sure it was socially distanced so I had them doing drills two metres apart. I also look after the goats in the farm a few days a week, I love them all but I think my favourite is a Pygmy goat called Oreo!

My advice for people thinking about volunteering is do something you already love. If you already like gardening, find a community garden. If you like sports, volunteer at a youth sports centre.

Whenever I see the happy faces of the younger kids who come here I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile.