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People across the UK are already benefiting from helping out in their community. Read about some everyday heroes to see how you can make a difference.

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Sally uses her love for art to brighten up her community

I’ve been helping out at The Addy in Wakefield since 2018. The adventure playground-based project brings the local community together. Since I started getting involved, they’ve offered me a part time role running a weekly intergenerational arts group where older members of the community get to explore art along with children under five and their parents.

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Brian promoting positive wellbeing at his local football club

Football has always been my life. When I was told at the age of 24 that I couldn’t play the game anymore, I decided that I still wanted to be involved with the club, so I went on to become a coach.

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Ayesha delivers food and essentials to help her neighbours

I’ve been helping out in my community in Bury for many years doing lots of different things, everything from Citizens Advice to helping people who live close by with their food shopping. Earlier this year, when I saw how people were struggling due to coronavirus, I set-up Fusion Food through Bury Asian Women’s Centre.

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Each day Jo spends a few minutes helping to clear litter in her community

I have a motto that has guided my life over the last few years - “I can’t change the world but I can change the little bit around me” - and litter picking and beach cleaning really helps me live by this. I pick up litter in Yorkshire - in the hills, on the beach, on the canals and on my way to work.

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Bob walked 15km to help raise money for food parcels

I started helping out Torbay Food Alliance, who were part founded by Torbay Community Development Trust, during the COVID-19 crisis in the summer.

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Jenny loves helping her community and learning from others

I’ve been helping out with Flourish, run by Cardiff Community Housing Association, for a year. I can give as much time as I want, but I love it, so I’m usually there four days a week. I help out with the Pantry – it’s a drop-in service available to everyone in our community so they can access food.

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Bene-Briggs entertains and educates her community by presenting on a community radio

I love community radio and have been helping out at Jambo Radio since March. I regularly present BB’s African News Magazine Show, where I chat to special guests, present music and focus on good news ‘spotlight’ stories.

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Conall organises online activities and videos to help autistic children and young people

I’ve been helping out with South Ayrshire Autistic Society for four years, since I was 15. I’m studying Dental Nursing at college and help autistic children and young people in my free time.

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Shirlee chats to people over the phone about bygone days

I help out at the Omagh B-friend Hub. To begin with I was a home befriender, but when coronavirus hit, I became a telephone befriender, calling around 10-15 people every week. It’s perfect for me because I love to chat!

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16 year old Kevin has given more than 1,000 hours to help his community this year!

I’m 16 and I’ve been helping out for CATCH, a youth centre in Leeds, since I was 11. I’m currently at college studying Sports Coaching, but volunteer whenever I have spare time. I logged over 1,000 hours between April and September, during the pandemic!

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Tricia started helping out with virtual coffee mornings during lockdown

I’m part of Berkshire Vision’s befriending scheme, which means I do everything from running a weekly online coffee morning, to chatting to a lovely lady on the phone once a week.

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Margo helps to reduce food waste at their local community fridge

I’ve been helping out at the Mid Surrey Community Fridge project for just under three years. The project was created in 2017 to help communities use food that would’ve gone to waste. When I first joined my job was collecting surplus food from the local supermarkets, but I am now a manager at a Mid Surrey community fridge project that has just opened on my estate.

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Nicola befriends an older person through gardening

I joined Edinburgh Garden Partners as a volunteer and Betty was the first older person I was matched with. She was a bit shy about having me in the garden at the start, but after about six months of back step hellos and check ins, she invited me in for a wee catch up, and that changed everything!

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Donna helps out with a local carnival because they want to help make a difference

I’ve been helping to organise the Hayle Carnival for several years now. We hold the carnival twice a year, in the summer and in the winter and the local community takes part in a magical lantern parade.

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